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Integrated Tree Professionals Inc
Integrated Tree Professionals Inc May 9th, 2024

Tree Removal In Salt Lake City

worker doing tree removal service

Tree Removal is an A skilled trade that’s hardly recognized as such.

That’s what Integrated Tree Professionals want to change. We pride ourselves on using the latest industry standards and equipment in our everyday work. We started this company with the idea that we could offer a premium service backed by honesty and integrity. We pride ourselves on being communicative during our process. We try to make each customer feel like they’re working with someone who actually cares, because we do!

Our work and company culture shows, with a nationally recognized brand among arborists. Integrated Tree Pros is recognized by arborists around the globe as being top professionals in the industry. We’re also known as generally just good people.

Arboriculture is one of the few trades left that requires extreme physical demands and some serious mental fortitude. Oftentimes you’ll see us working at heights that make most people queasy. Not only that but generally we’re using the most dangerous power tool at the same time. For that reason tree cutting is extremely dangerous work and should ONLY be performed by professionals.

Interestingly enough, we truly don’t have enough professionals in our trade. Tree service has a tendency to attract convicts and criminals. In an industry with very little regulation and more work needed done that we have tree professionals you’ll find tons of “fly by night” tree service companies with no skills, business license or insurance.

In our current climate finding an honest and forthright company to do business with can be a challenging endeavor. We promise that we are different from most companies that you’ll work with. We’re honest hard working men that deeply care for the work we do.