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Integrated Tree Professionals Inc
Integrated Tree Professionals Inc May 9th, 2024

How do you know if your tree is dying?

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We’ve all been there. Staring at our tree wondering if we need to have it removed, will it cause damage to our house or neighbors house. Is our tree healthy? Would pruning cut it? We want to provide you with a little more information so you can make the best decision for you, your tree and your property.

One sign of a dying tree is a lot of dead wood. But what does that mean? Well, it can show up in a lot of ways. Is your tree cracking in its trunk or branches? Is there a lot of fallout on the ground around your tree? Do you find your branches snap off when you grab them? This can be a sign your tree may be dying.

Do you see rot or fungus? This is a sign that warrants an immediate call to a pro. It’s possible it could be saved but worst-case removal before any damage or infection to your other trees is key. A Pro will be able to tell you what should be done with your specific situation.

Is your tree leaning? If your tree suddenly starts to lean it’s roots may be damaged or could even be dying. It could be possible to save the tree but in most cases this is a fatal injury and removal is your best bet.

Does your tree have no leaves? This is a sign your tree is dead or dying. This could be caused by many things, its best to have a pro come take a look.

If you have a tree that you think may be dead or possibly dying we highly recommend having a pro come to take a look. If it isn’t salvageable removing it safely is a sure way to prevent damage to you, your house, your property, and those you love. When a tree falls over or a branch get ripped off or fall off unfortunately, they aren’t careful where they fall!

We specialize in safe tree removal. This is why we provide all our bids free of charge. It’s our passion to keep you, your family, and possessions safe! Give us a call. We will come out and make sure you have peace of mind!